Sunday, May 10, 2009

AW Surveys | Redeeming $200

AW Surveys charges $25 for redeeming your money through PayPal. Their redemption options are $75, $200, $350, $450 and $550. After first trying $75 on the first redemption (it took me 3 months to reach the $75 cutoff by referring people through my blog), I now reached the $200 cut off and have asked for the AW Surveys team to process my withdrawal. I will be waiting 5 days for them to be checking into the sign-ups on my account to determine if each sign-up is valid and not fraudulent.

The key to succeeding in AWSurveys is to play by the rules. Do not promote the link with illegal methods like spamming other people's email addresses or spamming your Referral Link into comments on other people's blogs. Simply create a blog, place your referral link there, and promote that blog. Explaining how to succeed in AW Surveys and the benefits they'll receive if they sign up can help to increase the number of people that sign up each month.

I'm quite excited with the money that's coming from AWSurveys. I'll update you when it arrives on my account.

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